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Welcome to Fearn Elementary School,
where we believe in celebrating our diversity, our community, and our students.

We take pride in saying “We are Falcons!”

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Chromebook devices

The last day of the 2020-21 school year in School District 129 is May 27th. All student devices will be kept at home during the summer of 2021 and students at all levels should bring their devices to the building they are attending in the fall.

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By The Numbers


Fearn Elementary School received a "commendable" designation from the Illinois State Board of Education! This means that Fearn has no underperforming student groups.


Currently staffed at Fearn are two teachers with PhD's and three National Board Certified teachers! Fearn Elementary School also recognizes students through their monthly drawings for Student of the Month and through their SOAR Award!


Fearn Elementary School offers a variety of after school clubs for students to participate in as well as multiple activities and events to foster parent and community partnerships!


Boys and Girls Basketball and Girls on the Run is available for students to join at Fearn Elementary School!